Read my interview with friend Carly Dale who transformed her physique and went on to  do fitness modelling!

I’m Carly.  I currently work in life insurance and financial advisory administration.  I am about to undertake part time studies whilst working full time with a post graduate diploma in health promotions. My goal is to soon work in government and non-profit organisations working on health promotion campaigns – ideally for the better health of Australians through better diet and exercise. In addition it’s a passion to rally for better health via making health foods cheaper in the future. My hobbies are gym, outdoors and fitness, relaxing on the beach and film and tv show marathons.


Quick Stats

At the moment I am around 23% body fat but looking to reduce that to a more sustainable body fat percentage for competition around 17%. Height 162cm weight 59kg, age 35.

Sparked My Transition

I have always had a passion for training since I was 22 however it wasn’t until 2015 that I was really inspired by body building. I went to the Arnolds Expo in Melbourne and was blown away by the level of expertise, dedication, passion and beauty in body sculpting. The energy, strength and passion was inspiring for competitions and I met Nyree around the same time who also fuelled that inspiration by personal training and personal encouragement and development. I went on to do my first photo shoot, and also I wasn’t able to maintain my physique afterwards, the passion for that level of dedication continued. In the future I am inspired to compete in body building comps after my studies are completed and do some more phot shoots which I became addicted to doing and had so much fun doing them.

Physical Activities – during photo shooting prep (comp prep) I was weight training three to four times a week with one session of cardio. I don’t like being in a gym for cardio so I often run on the beach or do bush walking when I can. 

Eating habits – during phot shooting prep I was eating approximately 5 -6 meals a day and weighing carbs and proteins and cycling supplements. During off season meals were not weighed and was more relaxed about eating strict carbs to protein ratios.


Breakfast lunch and dinner – I am on a new strength program with my new trainer and hes not fussed with the calorie crunching at the moment. Breakfastas of late – protein smoothie or egg white omelette with veg. Lunch steamed veg or salad with chicken or tuna. Dinner (carbs around training times only) steak, salad or steamed veg with sweet potato mash (no dairy) or steamed basmati rice. Snacks – nuts, coconut water, protein balls or bars.


Supplements – magnesium, pro biotics, vitamins B and C, zinc, powdered greens and BCAA’s during training. Sometimes beta alaninine for lactic acid during work outs


3 favourite exercises – at the moment Nathan my new trainer has me doing V squats on the machine. Hard but great for the glutes. Always loved barbell squats. High to low cable rows.


Maintain physique – I am training 4 – 5 days a week with a cardio session on top of that. Days vary depending social functions and my partners roster as he works rotating shift work. I have 2 leg days, one back day, one chest shoulder back day, and one tricep and bicep day

Willpower depends on how bad you want something. Focus, concentrate on your goals and the rest just melts away. Its all a mental game.

Top three tips for someone wanting to get into fitness – seek professional advice – depends on your goals and to avoid injury and develop bad technique always see a trainer even if only for a bit so they can assess how your body functions and recommend exercise and training tailored for you.

Don’t try to lift heavy – always focus on technique

If you get bored or discvouraged try new things its supposed to be fun not a chore!

My motivation comes from my passion of feeling and looking healthy. I dislike when my body functions poorly because of bad diet and lack of exercise. I feel more energetic , confident and strong when I train, I don’t think I could ever fully stop training. Its addictive once you start seeing results too.

Readers can find more about my fitness journey through my insta page – carly_alina_fit – itrs where its at these days J