Transform with Nyree using BIOSIGNATURE!

5 years ago I was first introduced to the concept of body fat distribution relating to your hormonal profile. Having PCOS this was of great interest of mine, for a long time I felt that it was because I had no willpower. I learnt it was about my bio-chemistry and there was something that I can get help with, I can take back control and hack my body! Which is what I did and you can too! 

Going back 5 years and I was overweight and unhealthy, I had a terrible relationship with food and my healthy attempts were unable to be sustained, I felt I was destined to be overweight for ever. My body at the time was screaming all the signs that I was out of balance but I didn't know how to listen to it. I was constantly tired, lethargic, had sugar and salt cravings, low energy, low moods and all in all was out of sync. I'd sleep for 10+ hours and still wake up tired with the feeling that my head was all fuzzy and I found it really hard to concentrate and it would take me ages to wake up, i then would get this feeling kick back in at around 3pm everyday - not fun! 

My first coach was a biosignature practitioner, he initially introduced me to the concept of taking control of your hormones and health for optimal health and wellness. This was a total game changer for me. Within a few weeks of starting with him I was waking up with energy, able to get into a better sleep routine, my sugar cravings and salt cravings were under control and I was feeling amazing.   

I'm so proud to now be able to call myself a bio-signature practitioner. I've been working with these principles with all my clients and have been getting fantastic results but now that i'm a bio-signature practitioner i'm well equipped to take you to the next level! 

So you may be wondering, what is biosignature? 

Biosignature sets you up to transform your body from the inside out! 

Have you ever noticed in all your fat-loss efforts that your body still seem to have those stubborn areas that just won't budge? 

These stubborn areas are your bodies way of signalling possible hormonal imbalances and blocking factors that are holding you back from looking and feeling your best. 

Biosignature is a cutting edge system developed by leading strength and conditioning expert Charles Poloquin. It is a functional health assessment tool that identifies the correlation between body fat distribution and possible hormonal imbalances

As Poliquin discovered, the underlying cause of excess fat for some, was a hormonal or chemical imbalance Biosignature looks at these hormones, and their effects on your physique and gives you a system to combat them. 


Utilising a 12-site body fat assessment along with an in-depth health assessment you will be provided with a blueprint to taking back control of your body. It will show you what's holding you back from your goals, how to drop stubborn body fat, address hormonal imbalances, enable you to gain lean muscle and optimise your health. 

Depending on where your body holds fat is an indication of other health indicators for example, a client that has a high tummy and thigh reading and struggling to lose fat in these areas may be an indication of excess oestrogen and cortisol. 

We then address these areas utilising correct nutrition, training and supplementation to get back in control.  


Lose the fat from those stubborn areas that have seemed impossible before. 

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Feel happier and more energised 
  • Increased mental clarity 
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced PMS symptoms 
  • Increased performance in and out of the gym 

Biosignature is a non-invasive way of tracking your progress and performance, giving you a tailored blueprint to your body to individually and specifically provide a nutrition, training,lifestyle and supplement blueprint that will propel you in your transformation! 

Ready to transform? Want to find out what biosignature will say for you? Contact Nyree today on 0432 413 488 or via email : 


Cost: $70 for initial consult and $40 for subsequent check ins.