Can't get to a gym? Heading off on holidays? Need a workout shake up?

I'm heading off to Thailand soon and absolutely cannot wait to let my hair down. When on holiday's I like to just enjoy myself  and take some much needed time out! Although, as exercise is such a big part off my life and I just freaking love it I've decided to create a Do It Anywhere exercise guide so that I can still get my workouts in.

Usually, hubby and I like too stay places where we can get to a gym and we love checking out new gyms when  on Holidays.. We also equally like breakfast buffets and lying in the sun sipping cocktails - it's called balance you guys!! 

So, I'm going to be starting most days with one of my Do It Anywhere workouts 

A. Because it's fun! 

B. Because it clears my mind and sets me up for the day 

C. It will help to counteract my love of breaky buffets.. 

We will still probably hit up the gyms while we are there so be sure nofollow me on Instagram and I'll share footage of my gym workouts!

Want to see what the Do It Anywhere workouts are all about? 

Grab your copy here!!