Amazing Results by the Beautiful Peta - Have a read of her journey below! 

12kgs lost and 67.5cms!!!! 

Hi my name is Peta I live on the Surfcoast with my husband and 2 children. I'm a salon co-ordination at a busy salon in Geelong.  

I found out that I had Pcos when I was 22.  I've always struggled with trying to keep my weight down.  I'm constantly watching what I eat and trying to make good choices.  When I relax for a little while with my food choices I put weight on very quickly and when I have had enough I will then focus on doing weight watches or light and easy ect..to loose the excess weight.   I found as I was getting older these diets weren't working as well and I wasn't loosing the weight easy.  

I thought it was possibly the fact that I shouldn't be eating wheat and having dairy, this lead me to see a fabulous Natropath who suggested I take on the paleo way of eating and suggested taking some supplements. 

Although this was the best I've felt in years and my energy levels had improved.  The weight still stayed. 

I knew exercise  was what I was missing and avoiding. I came across Nyrees program on Facebook and it sounded like the right fit for me. Nyree has pcos herself and I thought I could trust the program to Work.  I have joined many gyms in the past and left frustrated as I was putting weight on.  I started her program with doing all the exercise  programs from 

Home I loved that I could just spend 30 min each day exercising, it wasn't over whelming and very achievable.  As the first 4 weeks past I felt I was getting fitter and took to the gym to continue the program.  I have found the food program  reasonable and not to much of a shock as I had already cut out so much.  If I eat my 4 regular meals On time I feel like I am never too hungry.  

I have been amazed at the results I have achieved in such a short amount of time on the scales and in cm's lost.  To date I have lost 12kg and 67.5 cm in total of my whole body.  Planning exercise and meals a long with water intake and vitamins has all helped with this journey. Putting everything down on paper and following a plan takes all the thought at it and I just keep following it a long and the results are showing. 

I'm feeling very positive about this process and can even say I'm enjoying the exercise and miss it if I go a day without.  I can see that I can make this my new way of life and keep it up.  I'm enjoying feeling great and looking better.   I'm still on this journey as new goals and targets are continually set.