Client Spotlight -Transformation of the week!

It started just after Christmas last year, and I'd had a huge night out! I had been drinking a lot and eating rubbish (more so than usual - my diet was so terrible).

Hi my names Christabel Scott. I'm currently 68kg and roughly 5"7.

It started just after Christmas last year, and I'd had a huge night out! I had been drinking a lot and eating rubbish (more so than usual - my diet was so terrible). 

I began to feel so gross, that something just switched!! I needed to get fit and healthy - my body and mind were telling me!!

This was when I joined the gym and shortly after joined Nyree's group PT sessions and the rest is history! 

My first step was to join the gym. Once I conquered feeling anxious back in the gym after literally years, I noticed Nyree and knew I needed some extra help, and she seemed so approachable! I then joined her group sessions, which kick started my love for fitness again!! We did circuits, cardio, and strength training. It was always different and she also catered the weights and intensity to each individual! Following the group sessions I went onto having personal PT sessions with Nyree. I began to learn SO MUCH about nutrition and what is actually effective. I was very uneducated! 


I have a busy lifestyle working 2 jobs and many hours, so Nyree helped me chose quick and easy meals and snacks which also catered to what I actually liked, this helped so much when trying to keep on track! I eat a lot of 'uncle Bens' rice with Tuna, cashews, protein bars, chicken, avocado etc. I don't completely restrict myself as with work I'm literally on my feet all day so I need the calories. I don't cut out carbs completely either! 

I use BulkNutrients protein isolate which was recommended by Nyree, it's well priced, quick delivery and tastes great!!! I have one after each work out! If I train twice in the day (before and after work) I have one after each session. If I train once a day, I will also have one later for a snack. I also use Oxyshred as a pre-workout, again twice a day.

My favourite exercises are currently working on my abs, glutes and mixing it up at the Anytime Fitness classes after work, which keeps it interesting and I've also made some new friends who also go too!


Currently as it's coming to the holidays and I have 3 weeks off, I have been training before work for an hour, which tends to be a 15min cardio/warmup on the stair-master, a muscle group or 2 and then always abs. Including the evening class which is 30mins. I tend to workout mon-Friday so I can have my weekends off to rest completely. Some days I work out before and after work, then others I don't. By having the choices and routine, I'm able to organise myself easily and adapt if I have other plans.


Once I started to see results, I just kept on going. The dieting was the hardest part for me. But my mindset has completely changed. I see food as what's going to benefit my body and mind, whilst also enjoying the taste. I also do indulge over weekends, and sometimes do over indulge but I've found a pretty good balance which now makes it so much easier! The key for me, was my routine! 


My top 3 tips would be to seek professional advice from a PT. I've seriously learnt so much from Nyree, and it's completely changed my mindset.

Secondly would be don't give up when you fall. Having a treat is ok!!! Tomorrow is a new day!

And thirdly set goals. Be realistic! Start with small goals like increasing the weight etc.


It may sound weird but I'm my own motivation. The only person that can better me, is myself. Guidance is essential, which came from Nyree, and I obviously have idols on social media platforms. However, I don't get too caught up with the social media as it's definitely not quite all it seems!!


My main reason for getting back to the gym was obviously my physical health and fitness, but a huge part was my mental well being. Depression and anxiety is my demon at times, but seriously keeping fit and eating well has had a huge difference!!!! So as a whole, that is all enough to motivate me! As now when I don't hit the gym for a few days, I'm itching to get back!!!