Nyree's 5 year fitness journey, 2016 recap and interview!

Today i'm going to be sharing a bit about what's been going on for me in 2016 and an insight into my own transformational journey and share some pics with you guys!

It's time for me to get accountable and share a bit about whats been going on for me over the last year and telll you a bit about my transformation over the last 5 years!

I'm going to start doing transformation interviews with inspiring people and thought i best start with myself so you can all get to know me and my journey so far! 

I'm Nyree - 31y/o PT from Torquay, Vic 

Current stats: 

Weight 75kg / Height - 174cms body fat - about 25%

Usually: 69kgs - 18%bf

Comp: 63kgs - 13%bf 

  • My journey so far: 

My weight loss journey begun 5 years ago, i was 26kgs overweight, unhealthy, unhappy, demotivated and depressed. Having been diagnosed with PCOS a lot of things started to make sense - why just looking at food made me gain weigh, hair loss, irregular cycles, sleeping issues - tired all the time, low energy, struggle waking up and feeling awake, cloudy head, struggle to focus, unwanted facial hair, PMS just to name a few! 

I've not got many pics from back then, but as you can see most weekends I was drinking and trying to escape my unhappiness every week with alcohol.  I would wake up with an alarm and struggle out of bed everyday, never waking with energy. I generally wouldn't eat breakfast and never work up feeling hungry, I wouldn't eat much throughout the day either and tried to "be good".. Once I made myself accountable though and doing a food diary was when I saw that even though I didn't eat much and I thought I ate pretty well it turned out a lot of things snuck there way into my mouth. 

In 2012 I began my fitness journey see below pic - it took me 10months from pic one in the striped bikini to the pic of me in the pink bikini - it took sheer determination. I had just moved from Melbourne to Perth and decided I wanted to transform my life and compete in a bikini comp. I hired a PT and sport nutritionist - Alice round to get me into shape and boy did she! 

My nutrition and training was periodised and varied - I did meal plan/macro counting with alice and my starting macros were around 2200 and they sat around 1400-1600 throughout the prep with the last week a couple of days dropped to 1200 but nothing crazy! 

Training wise was intense - 6 day a week, a few double days of training in there with cardio in the am and weights in the evening. It was hypertrophy style training that I was doing during this time.  


 Jan  2013      june 2013     aug 2013   sep 2013     oct 2013     jun 2014          jul 2014

Jan  2013      june 2013     aug 2013   sep 2013     oct 2013     jun 2014          jul 2014

In 2014 we moved back to Melbourne and I decided to change careers and begin studying to become a PT - whilst studying I began another comp prep and used the amazing Brianna Budge as my online coach - Again I did macros with Bre - on about 1600cals most of the way through the prep with 5-6 days of weight training a way and 2-4 HIIT cardio sessions per week.  

My feedback after the shows were to build more muscle and nail my conditioning! Having an in-person coach would help with this as well as going away and focusing on building strength and muclemass which is what I did! 

I started with Recomp HQ - Damon Hayhow in October 2014 and began learning to properly strength train and eat. I managed to get my calories way up - I think the highest we got up to was roughly 2600 calories per day and my training was 3-4 days of weights per week and no cardio.. just incedental cardio (walking to work etc.) I got super strong and did some awesome lifts with recomp but I found the food boring and repetitive and quite a lot of food to consume with digestion issues etc. But I looked great - roughly maintained my weight at around 70kgs and my body fat ranging between 16 -18%. 

I stopped with recomp in july/aug of 2015 wanting a break and to start eating a bit more variety and play around with my training. 

I then saw a new endocrinologist about my hormones and everything and she suggested I go back on birth control to manage my cycle and help with my PMS.. 

I wanted to live a bit more flexibly with my nutrition and diet and learn to listen to my body a bit more and play around with different training styles - i was PTing and wanting to play around with lots of different things! 

Leading me up to December 2015 - I was getting married in March 2016 and was enjoying living a bit more flexibly and training in different unstructured ways. I was having fun and enjoying things! i was maintaining my weight/body fat and doing pretty well. 

I then decided to undergo breast implant surgery which is something i'd always wanted to do but didn't think i would ever follow through with! I did my research and hired a top plastic surgeon in melbourne for the job - if you want more information on the surgery/procedure please let me know and i'll be happy to share. Well i bit the bullet and got it done on December 11 2015- so there was no training all of december/january. I was just doing light walking and not much else. I then did an amazing horse photoshoot for my friends bikini company which was soo much fun but was definitely not feeling very confident in my body as i'd not been training!  In february just as I was about to get properly back into training I sustained a bad rib injury from go-karting and caused me grief for about 5months after - it's still not 100%. In march 2016 i married my amazing hubby and we went on a fabulous honeymoon! 

Once back we had purchased our house, I left my PT job at anytime fitness in melbourne CBD, we moved to Torquay,victoria, I started a new job and my husband started back at FIFO work in Perth - a lot happened. I also enrolled in 2 online courses and was starting up at a new gym in Torquay - let's just say I had a lot on my plate and I became a fur-baby mama to my beautiful girl Princess Leia. 

My weight was continually creeping up and my endocrinoligists suggestion hadn't helped.. it'd made things way worse! I was not happy being on the pill, my cycle was crazy, my PMS was bad and my weight had consistently gone up 1kg each month.. I decided to come back off the pill in June/July. As soon as I came off I felt as though i lost the tyre i was holding around the middle - it was amazing! 


I was trying to juggle everything and get into a routine so that I could train myself too, I then began to notice something wasn't quite right with my left breast and it was causing me grief when I tried to train not just upper body but also anything where I jumped, ran, got my hear rate up. I went for a check up with my surgeon in June 2016 and found out that I had capsular contracture. Which was very frustrating, I've then spent most of this year not being able to train to my potential or doing as much as I had before along with constant inflammation and irritation. I finally had the surgery to fix it in december and have also got my right ankle reconstructed as that's something that has been needed for a long time but had also started to affect my hips and knees. 

This year has been a bit of a write off in terms of my own health and fitness goals and left me feeing a bit down, my nutrition hasn't been amazing as i've always been a bit of an emotional eater and my training has been pretty much non-existent! 

In September, I was still having Hormone issues. Having come off the pill I went back on taking fish oil, borage seed oil, inositol and vitex from July onwards. So In September I went to the doctors and there suggestion again was to take prescription drugs and not worry about it. In October I finally went and saw my amazing friend Dr Abbie Lee - Chinese medicine doctor and after two treatments regained my cycle and have began having regular cycles again - thank you Dr Abbie! <3 i'm finally feeling hormonally sound again or as good as I can be with my PCOS and I know that my body is back working for me.. 

So now, i'm sitting at my heaviest in a while and not feeling very confident in myself.. But there's been quite a lot of positives - I love my new town, I love my house, I've met the most amazing, beautiful, kindest people - life long friends and have been blessed with the most amazing clients (thank you!)  and I now have my husband home - hopefully for good! He's a PT now so i'm hoping he will be helping whip me back into shape next year once my ankle has recovered! My left breast is now feeling a lot better and my 6 week check up is in a few weeks now - once I get the all clear I can start to train upper body again! Hurrah! 

So it's been a big tough year 2016 - but a lot of awesome stuff has happened too. I'm going into 2017 excited, I've my goals set and this time they are centred around how i'm wanting to feel thanks to Genevieve lending me her goals with soul book - "The Desire Map" by Danielle Laporte and I also just finished reading "Maximum achievement" by Brian Tracy. I've also invested in awesome business coaches - the guys at FMA so i'm focused and have clarity and i've also invested in a coach - Ms Carla Danielle from Enterprise fitness. I'm very excited to get back into it and not be so scattered and achieve a whole heap  of new goals and get my body back and having more work/life balance in 2017!

So i'll finish off the interview below. My fitness journey went on a bit! Sorry - and If you're still reading - thank you <3 

Which physical activities did you participate in during your journey - weights and HIIT style cardio - mostly. None at the moment. 

How did your eating habits change? Mentioned above! 

What do you typically eat for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner?

Breaky - Eggs, smoked salmon, greens smoothie

Lunch - Chicken salad, pumpkin/sweet potato source of good fats, olive oil/avocado 

Snacks - protein shake, wellness greens chocolate and almonds

Dinner - Salmon, sweet potato, veggies 

Do you take any supplements?

WPI - Bulk Nutrients

Fish oil, inositol, GLA/borage seed oil, Vitex, Sam-e, magnesium 

(manage my PCOS) 

Wellness greens

What are your 3 favourite exercises?




What do you do now to maintain your physique? What does your training split look like?

Once back training with enterprise and my ankle is fixed it will look something like this, in the interim though I will slowly get back into some upper body stuff, core, yoga and rehabbing my right foot.

My ideal program to get me back in shape will look like:

Monday:  Weights - upper

Tuesday: Weights - lower

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: Weights - upper

Friday: Weights - lower 

Saturday: Weights - full body conditioning

Sunday: rest

How did you develop and sustain the willpower to avoid the bad stuff (i.e. junk food, bad drinks, lack of activity, etc.)?

When on comp prep my focus was on the end goal and how I wanted to feel - it wasn't that hard to stay focused knowing it was only for a short period of time and that the feeling of satisfaction in achieving my goals was nothing that a mere morsal or binge out of food would ever fill. 

At the moment it's been tough and I just take each day as it comes and focus on my goals and how I want to feel. I enlist my husband and do things like this blog to help me stay on track.

What are your top 3 tips for someone looking to get started with their fitness journey but not sure where to begin?

Hire a professional - or find someone to get accountable with - it almost 100% guarantees success in achieving your goals. Invest in yourself! 

Set a goal - make it scary - shoot for the moon and even if you don't make it you'll be amoungst the stars <3 

Everyday wake up with the intention to be your best, be better than you were yesterday! Start everyday fresh and with focus on your goal. Never not have a goal that's when everything just slips by the wayside. 

What do you think is the biggest misconception about this journey? That it's too hard, that it requires too much time, that it's not possible for me. It is possible - you can do it! 

Where does your motivation come from?

Wanting to be my best, live authentically to the work that I do for myself and my clients - provide motivation to those that were like me - who didn't think it was possible for them, that felt nothing works for them.. When in fact you can do it you just have to believe in yourself! 

How can readers learn more about your transformation and journey online (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)?

You can find me on Facebook - add me as a friend - Nyree Erin Cartwright

Follow my biz page - https://www.facebook.com/NYFIT/

Instagram: @Missnyz