What food can I eat with PCOS?

There is so much confusion and debate about what you can/can’t/should eat with PCOS. I’ve decided to share what works for me and what I recommend.


I recommend eating the basics – meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, eggs, herbs and natural garnishes. These foods provide a steady flow of nutrients that help boost your metabolism and release stored body fat so it can be burnt off as fuel.


These are the foods and meals that I recommend that get the best results for me and my clients. You may feel hungry or have low energy for the first few days – this is normal. Your body is adjusting to burning off stored body fat as energy.

The reason I recommend these foods is because they are in their cleanest and simplest form. Eliminating additives (i.e. sauces or manufactured/processed products) is one of the best thing you can do for yourself nutritionally.



Buy Organic!

Try to buy organic food whenever possible. It is worth spending extra money on and here is why; Foods that are not organic can be full of nasties such as pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other toxins. Toxins are terrible for you. They can mess up your endocrine system and metabolism, increasing your body fat percentage. These nasties are also related to autoimmune diseases, cancer, MS and heart disease.


Meat & Fish

Meat and fish are a source of complete protein and good fats essential for brain and organ function. Protein is an important part of any sort of nutritional plan as our bodies thrive on it. Our muscles are created from it and our skin, nails, hair and teeth reap the benefits from it. Protein is also crucial for energy stores and helps to ensure our bodies can work at optimum efficiency. Protein makes up approx. 16% of the body’s total weight. Our bodies do not have the ability to produce all protein by themselves so we must obtain it from food sources like meat and fish.





Fruits, like vegetables, are full of essential fibre and nutrients. They are higher in natural sugars (fructose) than vegetables but, when consumed

in moderation, can provide the body with vital minerals and energy.

Fruit consumption can help prevent

colon cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, constipation, and help to aid metabolism and weight loss.




Vegetables provide vital nutrients to our bodies. They are very nutrient dense with a minimal amount of calories. Vegetables are important to include in your diet for anyone trying to lose body fat. Vegetables offer a high fibre content, which will aid in keeping you regular and help you to ‘ fill up for less’. Veggies are fat free and cholesterol free Organic varieties are grown with no pesticides or additives. This makes them even healthier.



Put very simply, nuts are a great source of protein and good fats. Walnuts and almonds

in particular (unsalted) are a great source of healthy fats, antioxidants, protein and fibre. Polyunsaturated fats found in nuts are great for skin, hair, teeth and nail health. They can lower cholesterol and are a perfect pick me up.



Like meat, eggs are a great source of protein. Like vegetables, they are very nutrient dense. Eggs contain Vitamin D which is needed for healthy bones and teeth, Choline which is necessary for brain development and improving memory retention, Calcium for healthy bones and teeth and Iron and Selenium for other health benefits. A large egg contains less than 100 calories. I always have at least 1 full egg with my egg whites as they contain far more nutrients & a higher amount of protein than the egg whites, as well as containing good fats that are necessary for optimal body & brain function.


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