Do you struggle to manage your mindset practice?

Are your hormones playing havoc with your body and mind?

Does emotional eating become your coping mechanism when things get too much for you?

 i hear you... I've been right where you are today!

If you are ready once and for all to lose weight, balance your hormones and overcome the symptoms that result from both or if you need support in developing the confidence to re-invent the way you show up in life - I've totally got you!

Seriously - I mean it! You can do this!

I know, because I’m here to help you achieve the transformation required to live within that strong, toned body you’ve always wanted and take back control of your hormones and your life.

I’m here to help you feel amazing, look amazing and refill your self-love and confidence tank, to be the healthiest and fittest you’ve ever been.

It's my zone of genius to help you let go of the limiting beliefs about who you think you are and realise that YOU have the power to choose a new way of stepping forward in life. I know how this works and what it takes, and I have helped many women over the years to dream, believe and achieve what they didn't even know was possible.

 This is all about becoming your best self from the inside out!

I believe that leading a healthy lifestyle is more than just mindful eating and exercise...

It's also about being aware of the emotional and physical stress in your life, allowing yourself to be in a state of complete harmony with your mind, body and soul. This is at the heart of my holistic approach to health and fitness.

My vision is to assist women to live a healthy, happy and active lifestyle that is all about balance.

I want women to feel confident with their bodies and love the skin they're in.

I want a world where women are focused on how they feel not just how they look.

Where we are happy from the inside out, filled with self-love and self-belief. Waking up feeling energised, passionate, excited, unstoppable.

Where we chase our dreams and go after our goals.   

Where we nourish our bodies with healthy foods and train to move and strengthen our bodies so that we feel good – not to punish ourselves.  

If you're feeling like you just can’t do it or you don’t know where to start - I'm here to support you wholeheartedly!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t always into health and fitness. Here's what changed the game for me...

I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) back in 2008 when I was living in the UK – I wasn’t given any support or advice about the condition when I was first diagnosed and didn’t know what to do or what I was dealing with. The doctors just told me that I will need medication when I was ready to get pregnant and there wasn’t really anything that could be done about it beyond that.

In 2012 I ‘d had enough, I found myself at my own “rock bottom” 20 kgs overweight, depressed, low self-confidence and not being able to get any results. I was so sick of trying diets, exercising, doing what I thought I needed to do to lose weight and only ending up with short term results before all the weight piled back on. It was then that my mindset shifted, I took control of my PCOS, I got control of my hormones, I ate a PCOS friendly diet, I trained to improve muscle and get stronger not just “burn calories” and finally the results came and stayed. I went on to lose 26kgs and compete in my goal of a bodybuilding competition. I overcame past issues of having a fail/win mindset, the all or nothing approach and the battle of emotional eating.

Fast forward to 2016, I’ve completely transformed my lifestyle, health, wellness, mindset and career. I’ve never felt better!

I’ve spent the last 5 years completely engrossed in all things health and fitness. Along the way I became a Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Coach and I'm on a life-long journey that involves further research and education to ensure that I’m the very best coach I can be.

I now help other women who no longer want their hormones to play havoc with their mind and body. From weight loss to a range of hormonal issues such as PCOS I have assisted many women in achieving their own New You Transformation!